I am getting this error while running a java service [ISS.0026.9102] Service ‘Bitterroot:LogData’ is not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source.

Please help.

Thanks and Regards,
Anupama Ashok :confused:


To understand this problem, please let me know few more things :

  1. What is this ‘Bitterrot:LogData’? [Inbuilt service/User created]
  2. Is it editable? If yes then is it editted recently?
  3. It may happen that the resource has been not available to use. Is it?



It is a user defined java service…unable to run it

I am pasting the code below:


// input from pipeline

IDataHashCursor pipelineCursor = pipeline.getHashCursor();
pipelineCursor.first( “GSG_ack_number” );
String GSG_ack_number = (String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
pipelineCursor.first( “transaction_number” );
String transaction_number =(String) pipelineCursor.getValue();
// Build log file directory
// save in package’s pub directory
String Curr_Dir = System.getProperty(“user.dir”);
String File_Sep = System.getProperty(“file.separator”);
String This_Package =
Service.getPackageName ( Values.use( pipeline ) );
String Pub_Dir = Curr_Dir + File_Sep +
“packages” + File_Sep + This_Package + File_Sep + “pub”;
String Log_File = Pub_Dir + File_Sep + “log.txt”;
// Date for log file
Date currentDate = new Date();
SimpleDateFormat sdf;
sdf = new SimpleDateFormat( “yyy-MMM-dd hh:mm:ss zzz” );
String Date_String = sdf.format( currentDate );
// Write the file
FileWriter log = new FileWriter( Log_File, true );
log.write( Date_String );
log.write( ", " );
log.write( transaction_number );
log.write( ", " );
log.write( GSG_ack_number );
log.write( System.getProperty(“line.separator”) );
} catch( IOException e) {
System.out.println( e.toString() );

Bitterroot is the fictional company used in the Developer 4.6 Tutorial. Just edit the java service in question by adding a space or comment. When you save the java service the underlying class will be rebuilt and recompiled and your service should run once again.

Great job on finding and working through the tutorial. It’s a bit long in the tooth now, but the core Flow language has changed very little so this tutorial continues to be a great way for new webMethods IS developers to learn the product.



From the code you 've written, it is clear that there is no error in the code.
As mentioned by Mark, just recompile your code. It should work.