Hello All,

 I have one issue regarding webservice connectors on cluster environments. Lets say A and B are two servers which are in cluster. From A server, I am able to get response for 'xyz' connector and from 'B' server I m getting Null pointer exception for same 'xyz' connector. I m using developer 7.1.2 version. Both server connectors are resided in same package structure.

 I have checked both servers are configured properly especially proxy settings.

I am able to work with both servers since long time, bt suddenly I could see this problem from yesterday. These are not production envrnments bt performance test environments. We were doing loadtests from HP load runner tool. suddenly got this issue.

From soapUI tool, I m able to get response from B server. From 'developer' only I m getting null pointer.

For sample services also, connectors are throwing below error. None of the existing or newly created connectors are not working on ‘B’ server. java.lang.NullPointerException

can somebody please help me ASAP how to resolve this?

It may be because of null sopaheader value passing during consumer invocation in developer. Please check the soap header value is being passed or not.