[ISS.0088.9139] Outp


I call

Check the service Input/Output tab.

Hi All,

I have created webservice connector to oracle fusion using their WSDL url,
while running my service i get error as below:
[ISS.0088.9139] Output parameters do not conform to targetOutputSignature:

could any one please tell me what could be the reason.

What is your IS version ?

Also did you make sure WSDL for consumerWSD loaded properly or check with source folks if anything is missing in the schema/wsdl definition.


Check your parameters it should conform to targetOutputSignature

Hi Mahesh and RMG,

Thanks for the response

I am getting the exceptions as below
[ISS.0088.9139] Output parameters do not conform to targetOutputSignature:
errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9447] Value does not conform to datatype

I have asked oracle fusion team to change the datatype into string , since the ws connector to oracle fusion , in the response document we are not getting the ShoppingBagFault document, so we cannot translate in wM.

try turning response soap validation to false for consumer.

when you open consumer, there will be a property with something like validate soap.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this. It is better to check the date/time is correctly formatted in the output message. Does the value conform to the definition in the wsdl?

True that’s the first check to confirm the value for compliance against schema/dtd.