error when using java service to get roles from MWS


I am working with the CDS API on version 12 to get roles information from the MWS database and my java service is failing to compile with the below error.

class file for not found

A few posts on empower suggests that I add the commons-lang.jar file, and this is not working. Below are the jar files already on my project:


Please can you assist.


Is it failing to compile, or failing to run the service?

FYI: The class lives in the common/lib/wm-scg-core.jar file.

It looks to me that IntegrationServer has not included the common/lib/wm-scg-core.jar in the application classpath so that may explain why the class would not be found when you run the service.

This issue needs to be formally tracked. Could you please help by filing an SI (Support Incident) with GS (Global Support)? Please include all the necessary information so that GS may record and also review for any other issues that match. If GS needs to create an iTrac, then whichever R&D engineer handles this case will be expecting a clear description of the issue, logs and any other details in order to efficiently be able to help. Providing this info in the beginning will make the process go faster.

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Thanks Eric,

It is failing to compile.

I’ll do as you requested.



I had a similar problem. See:

Had to add (I am using 9.9 and needed to access calendar info):

  • to project classpath - basedir/Designer/eclipse/plugins/
  • to project classpath - basedir/common/lib/wm-calendar.jar
  • to code - import*;

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