Code Review Automation


Is there any tool for code review automation in webMethods. This tool should be able to check coding standards like unused variables, naming conventions, check for save/restore pipelines etc.,

Thanks in Advance


No code review tool as of now but you can develop one for your project.

There is no specific tool in webMethods, you can use java services to develop this tool.

Something like below…

  • finding uncommented
  • finding empty map steps


If your client is able to manage the cost, approach SAG GCS for their “Code Review Utility Tool” which is not part of wM product stack.

I have extensively researched the options for such a software and eventually written my own. As the rules of this community prevent any commercial promotions, I’ll not go into detail but feel free to find me on LinkedIn and contact me.

Thanks, Christian Schuit

Hi Christian,

That’s the option and way to go as a rock star:)