Code migration thru Deployer

Has anybody done the code migration thru deployer here. I have to migrate the code which was created with 6.01 to 6.1 developer. I have already setup the deployer, do i just have to transfer the packages from one server to another or something else too.
I also want to transfer things from developer environment to testing and then production what should i do in that case.

Any help will be appreciated…


I believe you can accomplish the tasks mentioned in your post by using Deployer ! Following is an excerpt from the webmethod’s Deployer Pdf.

The webMethods Deployer is a tool you use to deploy items that reside on source
Integration Servers to target Integration Servers. Items you can deploy include the
Administration items, such as ports, users, ACLs, groups, and user-created scheduled
Packages, including entire packages, selected package files, or selected package
components, where �components� are items such as document types, services,
triggers, adapter notifications, flat file schemas, and mainframe host pools
Trading Networks items, such as processing rules, document types, agreements, and
partner data

I sincerely hope this helps !


Thanks Bhalli…That really helped me

i m getting this error can any one help me to resolve this it is in test environment

1> error messsage:- Deployment issues for webmethods on 6.5

2>No Configuration Data found for ListenerMonitoring.

serverLog :- AuditLogManager Runtime Exception: java.sql.SQLException:[wm-cjdbc36-0007][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-02396: exceeded maximum idle time, please connect again

please explane where to check to resolve this issue

Syed – Try to minimize the JDBC connections from the pool, check the behaviour.


Are you still with this issue, can you explain in more detail?

The components you are trying to deploy? I see you are still on version 6 have you thought about a wM upgrade?

Syed – Any news on this thread ?