Cobol Copybook conversion to Natural LDA

Is there anyone who has found a way of converting a COBOL copybook to a Natural LDA?
We are using an external product, called FINALIST from Pitney Bowes.

There interface to this address cleansing program is through a COBOL COPYBOOK , which is 10,000 bytes buffer definition.

Any help would be appreciated. :?:

Predict has an “incorporation” function for this.

Thank you Ralph, now to learn about Predict… I just wanted to create a test LDA version , and I am not sure if I could touch Predict.

This is for a linkage area between programs calls.

Thanks anyway.

There are 3rd-party Natural utilities that can do this (or at least help), but you could convert the copybook manually long before you acquire one.

  • . Upload the copybook to a Natural library (here’s how:
    . insert DEFINE DATA LOCAL, END-DEFINE, and END statements
    . change the level numbers to be sequential
    . use SCan to help you change VALUE clauses to INIT
    . use SCan to replace underscores with hyphens
    . be careful with COMP-n formats
    . remove 77-levels
    . etc

Once this “program” checks without errors, convert it to an xDA with a line command in the data editor:


Yes there is a provision to convert a cobol copy book to natural LDA in the predict tool.