Generating cobol structure from parameters

I need to write several cobol program to comunicate with Natural.
I am looking for some kind of a utilty that will get the paramters object and convert it to a cobol structure data
I have no knowladge with natural so be gental .

Without Software AG product experience. it will be just as quick to create COBOL copybooks manually via copy/paste.

SAG’s EntireX can create the interfaces automatically.

SAG’s dictionary, Predict, can create copybooks from file definitions.

Hi Raanan,
Having a compatible Natural and COBOL data structure layout is not enough. You have to consider conversion, type mapping etc; EntireX does all these tasks for you.

If you have existing Natural subprograms you want to call from Cobol, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Use the IDL Extractor for Natural (from EntireX) to extract an idl from the Natural subprogram.
  2. With the Cobol Wrapper you can generate a Cobol Client Interface Object based on the extracted IDL.
    See the EntireX Documentation for details.

Let me know if this answers your question.