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hai ,

Iam working with clustering,i didn’t understand how to configure clustering from webMethods cluster pdf.So please tell me any one how to configure clustering through step by step process.


I have a document containing info on how to setup clustering on Windows.I tried uploading it here but it exceeds the maximum size allowed.Gimme ur mailID and I will send it to you.

Puneet Verma


If this document is one that you have created please upload it to the WM Users shareware area and post a link here. If you are not the author of this document, you need to obtain the author’s permission to email it or post it here.


Puneet has contributed this document to the WM Users Shareware Area. Click here to download it.

Thanks, Puneet, and good work!


Hi Puneet,

I tried to download the document from Shareware area but i am not able to open it. Can somebody please send me the Clustering Doc on my mail id i.e


Hi guys

I have read that documents, which is perfect.
But in order to avoid multiple publish or subscribe, we can consider using database repository, which works very well when publish large size document.
I have a doc descripe how to config that, if anybody need it i can share it.


Dear Mark,
Can you please share me this cluster set-up guide.


Hello Experts,

I’m trying to set up multiple IS servers in a cluster environment using TerraCotta server.

Puneet Verma can you share me the document which you have. I tried accessing the wmusers link but it’s not in use and showing that the site for sale.

-Sai Pradeep.


You’re replying to a thread that is almost 10 years old. A LOT has changed since then. Please follow the existing clustering guide. If you find yourself stuck and you can’t find answers to your questions in the forum, then start a new thread with a specific question, and the community should be able to help.


Ohh… Just now I realized that the posts were 10 years old. Thank you Percio Castro. -Sai