Cluster node is leaving the cluster

Hi ,

We are running IS in the cluster environmnet. One of the server every now and then leaves the cluster automatically. What could be the possible reasons for this?


Punit Kumar

How many nodes are in clustering( you did not mention) ? I am assuming that two nodes are in clustering mode

  1. Please test the Remote server is connected or not.

  2. Is it clustering enabled or not. If yes, In both the nodes DiscoverY address and Discovery port pointing to the same address details in the
    on both the node (setting---->clustering).
    3.are the same below values specified in the settings—>extended on both the clustering nodes?
    watt.server.cluster.aliasList=xxxx, yyyy
    watt.server.cluster.aware= true

  3. please verify the above check points are same or not

  4. first copy the key and value details inthe settings—>extended from the node on which clustering got enabled and then shutdown
    that node. Because it’s not possible to do changes on another node which is getting separated from the clustering environment.
    Please try to sync the values as per point 3. Then restart the both the nodes.

  5. One more thing did u apply the same kind of fixes on both the node. verify once is it in synch.

Good Note Jeevan!

Punit: Check for the points adviced in above point to doublecross all config’s and environment is same on both nodes, hope you should be able to track the problem down…
Addiotionally check the load balancer confiuration as well.


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