IS not found in clustering settings


i have tow clustered IS servers, when i was checking the clustering, i found one of them is not displaying in the clustering settings, when i restarted the one which is not in clustering, it returned back to cluster again.

i want to know why sometimes, is is not displaying in the clustering settings and how to get the issue occurred from the logs

Hi Ahmed,

please provide your wM version as well as a list of fixes applied to both cluster members.
Are there any messages in the server.log of the instance regarding cluster joining and leaving activities?

Is only one dedicated instance affected or does this happen to both of them?


This doesn’t address your query directly, but you might consider not using IS clustering. Depending on what your environment is specifically doing, it is very likely IS clustering is not necessary. There are a variety of threads on the forums that explore what IS clustering does and perhaps more importantly, what it does not do but people think it does.

It usually starts the integration server as standalone IS, if your terracotta array is not reachable or offline or if your jdbc pools are not set properly (or may be if its offline) when your Integration Server is starting up. That log is is pushed during startup. You should see it before packages load. You can change it to shut it down instead if that’s what you want. The log entries related to clustering will have "[ISS.0033.XXXXX] code. I am adding the screenshot of clustering disabled log for your reference.

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