Cloud update completed on 02 Aug 2016

Hello Everyone,

Apart from the bug fixes that you can check with Global Support on, following features are also part of the latest cloud update:-

  1. Certification on MySQL5.7 Community Edition completed for on-premise customers. Enterprise Edition certification without clustering support will be available as part of the October release.
  2. Certification on RHEL7 completed for on-premise customers.
  3. Delegation of Proxy – This feature allows users to delegate their roles on specific applications to specific users when they are out of office. This allows the proxy users to complete pending activities on behalf of the principal users.
  4. Memcached replaced with Terracotta ehcache for on-premise installations.

Please report to Global Support ASAP if you see any issue on the cloud environment.

Let me know if there are queries.


Hi Gaurav,

We are in the process of installing a brand new environment.

Should we be using this latest version to install, rather than the version we have now?

In particular I am wondering if the change in caching software would make it easier to start using the new version, rather than having to switch from memcached to the new cache system later.


Hi Gaurav,

We have done some more research on theTerracotta ehcache software, it appears that it requires a license.

Is there an extra cost license associated with changing to the Terracotta ehcache software?


Hi Howard,

Replied to you directly on your queries.