Clone existing IS instance with composite template?

Hello All,

I am newbie with CCE and I started with 9.12. I see that “templates snapshot” is deprecated and I should use “templates composite”.

My question is if there is possibility to clone existing IS instance and deploy it to remote node with CCE.

Could someone please provide me Step by Step example? I have spent much time to study documentations, videos and with google, but unfortunately didn’t find anything like useful working example.

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, cloning of existing IS functionality ‘snapshot template’ is deprecated. You can only use composite template to install, and configure similar to existing but you would need to write the .yaml composite template.


Many thanks for your answer, Senthil !

Please, is possible to provide me some simple yaml composite template file for some basic IS installation - I would like to start with something what working - I have tried something and not success yet.

Is possible deploy new IS instance via CCE with embedded DB?

Many thanks.

Hi Ladislav,
You may find default templates in the below location which are shipped with the product…
Software AG_directory\pro?les\CCE\data\templates\composite directory