Clients Connected to Broker Loosing Connection

We have some triggers which are loosing connection to the the Broker after like a hr of so. Our Configuration is we have 2 IS running on different box connection thru a VIP to the broker.
Need to know if there is any way if the trigger client can reconnect if it looses connection.

Thanks in advance

Broker 6.0.1 had some issues with client connections. There were several suddle problems about 5 months ago. But fixes has been released for 6.0.1 broker that aliminated the connection loss and also deadlock on client connection which may look sometime as lost connections. Check to see what version of broker binary you are running type on command line awbroker -version record the exact version. ANd check with you Customer support. Depending on what OS you are runing you may need to apply fix #5 to your broker binary.

Thanks for the information.We installed the Broker 6.0.1 SP1 Fix 6 , but still we are seeing some clients getting disconnected

Are these clients that get disconnected standard IS or adapter clients or are they client code custom written using Broker Java/C API?
If they are API code there is some coding required to ensure clients will reconnect if they loose connection. But is they are standard it should be alredy there.

These are standard out of the box triggers which we are using . You are right the Custom Client which we have written we are using API calls for reconnecting.
The only thing which i am suspecting is the router which is sitting in between the IS and Broker doing something to disconnect the Clients.

If its your custom clients that get disconnected from broker and you are using custom code to rec`onnect then try using BrokerClient.reconnect(…) API to reconnect your custom clients. This should help.

It is not the custom clients which is giving the error , it is the out of the box trigger