Client side queueing

does client side queueing always refer to the source system. Can it ever be relevant for a target?


This might be of interest:

It’s my understanding of client-side queueing as defined by the wM docs. Please feel free to add your comments to that thread or this one. This is a topic I’d like to explore further.

The Outbound Doc Store is where outbound documents queue if the Broker is unavailable to receive publishes from IS. The store is proprietary flat-file and is NOT viewable (no API either).

Client-side Queing is when IS pulls the document from the BrokerClient queue. It is the transactional hand-off from BrokerClient Guar file to IS Trigger point. It helps with duplicate detection for Guaranteed once and only once delivery.

From a particular point of view, the term client-side queuing makes absolute sense. The view is if the Broker is considered the “server” and IS is considered the “client.”

Thus, the IS ability to queue publications to the broker fits quite nicely into what is traditionally defined as client-side queueing.

The reverse, where IS has pulled a doc from the Broker and placed it in another queue for later delivery is a good thing too. But calling this client-side queueing seems strange. I’ve never heard this type of interaction referred to as such. Maybe I just lead a sheltered life. :wink:

But my main concern with this terminology is that IS and the Broker shouldn’t really be positioned as one being a client to the other. I know that’s how things really are under the covers but I believe this leads to confusion. Developers think of all of the wM Platform as the “server” with the “clients” being the applications connected to wM.

For this POV, where apps are clients and entire wM suite is the server, wM doesn’t provide a client-side queueing facility. IMO, the term client-side queueing has been thrown in to address a short-coming when comparing with things like WebSphere MQ.

My 0.02. Opposing views encouraged.

Great thoughts, Rob !

I think to implement true client side queuing ( outside of wm ) on the source or target side, would require some kind of wm client software to be installed on the source or target application to communicate with the wm “server queues” and provide true client queueing capability. Such a design would provide a MQSeries type capability

The Guaranteed delivery mechanism of IS does provide a client side queuing mechanism for Java based clients. The client will need client.jar and code against it appropriately. See the IS Developer documentation on Guaranteed delivery for details. Unfortuntely, like most of webMethods’ solutions, this one is of limited use, as it provides no guarantee of a response.