Client communication options

  1. Need the complete step by step instructions for FTP and SMTP options.Can you please let me know which document provides me with the above information? Admin guide helps me in setting up
    the port. What are the other steps to be followed for FTP, FTP polling and SMTP?

Our client has a file that needs to be send in MIME format.
2. How can we receive this file? What should be the first step in the flow service to receive
this file? Do the client or wM needs any particular content type to be set up? We are trying
http option and I am receiving only the following:
xmlNodeToDoc → only "<?xml version="1.0"?>
xmlStringToDoc → “Empty content”
What am I missing here?

How do I receive file with Mime format? What should be the first step?
Do I need to set any content handlers?

Do anybody have any idea?

I got the answer. Asked the client to set the content type to image/jpeg and retrieved it using StreamToString from PSUtilities.