Client certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

i am trying to access my integration server through https.I have generated my private key using certifcate toolkit.Aslo have generated CSR and got digital certificate signed by Verisign. I have configured my Integration server to support ssl handshake .
Have made the following changes in server.cnf
But when i try to accesss my Integration server through Https:
It gives me the error

2004-12-03 12:43:29 IST [ISP.0047.0018V1] Aborting connection from localhost/127
.0.0.1: Connection closed by remote host.
2004-12-03 12:43:29 IST [ISP.0047.0018V1] Aborting connection from localhost/127
.0.0.1: Client certificate rejected by ChainVerifier.

I think you may have to add your certificate to one of the lists under the Security -> Certificates link on the Admin webpage.

Yemi Bedu

Yemi i have done that.
But still the same error

What version of IS?

Did you add your CA to “Trusted CA Directory”?

It’s been my experience that any self-signed certificate needs to be added to the Trusted CA Directory and then the IS needs to be recycled in order for it to recognize the trusted cert.


Wait a minute! The more I read the original post by yogesh, the more ambiguous it look. What I guess everyone’s assuming is that Yogesh is accessing IS over HTTPS through a flow service on the same server (hence the localhost).

What I think happened (and hence the error message) is that Yogesh is using browser to access IS on the same server. IS is set up to Require certificate for whatever reason. Since the browser (most likely) isn’t set up to provide the cert for authentication, of course the connection fails.

Sigh, It would really help if people know how to ask questions…