Cleaning up TN Transacations

I’ve done a lot of testing recently and I’d like to clean up the transactions in the TN-- ie: delete those transactions that failed so that when I run a report I don’t see all the errors. Its just an administrative task. I am sure I could simply erase it from the repo, but I am sure there are plenty of table dependencies that would get messed up— anyone have a good way to accomplish this?


Use the ‘Archive’ flow in the WMTN package. The specs are in the trading networks documentation.

What I am really hoping to do is target only a handful of transactions. Some of them I would like to keep in the DB, and they are intermixed with the transactions that errored out-

I’d almost like to pass the document IDs to a service and be able to remove those documents from the TN repo server.

Any more ideas?

I have sql statements from WM Support that you can use to do direct deletes (it contains all important tables with FK constraints). It’s based off using dates not the docids. I’ll pass it along and maybe you can figure out how to change it from dates to docid or maybe you can use it as is.

Sql for deleting directly from TN databases
deleteByTimestamp_4-6.sql (1.8 k)

I’m in the same boat as Jessica. I also need to delete “non-used” transactions from TN with let say, the IGNORED status. The service works with days, not specific status or docIDs…

All right, does the job

Hi Everybody,

I am using the webMethods6.1. I used to delete my documents in the TN. It works. But when I try to submit the document with same document Id I used previously it’s not kicking my process (I am used Modeler) but if I use some new Document Id it kicks my process. I also deleted all the processes I generated earlier.

Any help on this is really appreciated.