classCastException when appending to StringList

Hi Team,

I am getting classCastException when appending string to StringList.Before this step,i am checking index of a string and the result is 1192.If the index is >0 then I am appending the required string to StringList.But while doing this I am getting an error like "classCastException cannot convert java.lang.string to [L]java.lang.string.
Please help me out.


Hi Ramesh,

I did understand that you are trying to append string to stringList and you have some logic on index value. If index is greater than one append string to stringList. Correct me if i am wrong 8)

If possible can you share me the screen shot of the flow code.

And also have a look at the link

Thanks Mahesh.

I got the reason where i am going wrong.


Can you tell us what was the reason?