circular package dependencies

Hi All,
Let’s say I have package A which is depending on B and C packages. I mean, B&C must be loaded before package A. Some how I lost B&C packages, restarted IS. As B&C are not exist, A must not be loaded but I wanted to load it A by some hook by cook ( Doing some changes in the back end ). Do we have any way using which we can achieve this.


Seems to me like a interview questions :lol: How did you lose the package did you delete or safe delete?

I guess I have a fix for your question - Do you remember the name of packages B and C?

Say abc_B, abc_C are the packages. Now tell me the tweak to load A.


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RP ,

You can do this by manually modifying the manifest.v3 file of the package A.
Remove the following entries :-

*.* *.*

*Note :- Doing this is not recommended.

Yeah! Try this and see if you can install package A. If not update the thread back.

It worked !. Thanks to all.

Just a small update:

the mentiioned dependencies are not really circular, they are just (missing) dependencies.

Real circular dependencies would be:

  • Pkg A depends on Pkg B and Pkg B depends on Pkg A
  • Pkg A depends on Pkg B, which depends on Pkg C, which depends on Pkg A


Hi Holger yes , these are missing package dependencies . But when you have missing package dependencies also
the following log is written in the server.log

INFO: This package requires C package (Version .) to load
INFO: This package requires B package (Version .) to load
FATAL: Unable to load A package (possibly due to circular dependencies)

May be that’s why RP has created the topic with subject “circular package dependencies”