Checking null values in filters of a trigger


Can anybody tell me how to provide a filter in a trigger which executes only if a variable (e.g. “myString” in the published document type) has a meaningful value?
In other words, how do I translate [myString != null && !myString.equals("")] condition in a filter?

I’m using WM6.


You might want to use !(myString.length() == 0)

Thanks Jake,
But length() is a String class method in JAVA. We can’t use JAVA in filter. If used, it gives the following error upon saving the trigger.

Invalid filter ‘OrderNo.length() == 0’ for document type ‘demoV6.RecordsToPlayWith:Incoming1’: [ISC.0049.9103] Too many parts to the expression.


in ISDevGuide.pdf, please read from P424 if you haven’t done so…