Check time and space usage ..

Hi all,

Anyone knows how to check the time used for importing and exporting the XML documents?

And also how to check the space usage in the Database for the documents?

Thanks a lot

Hi Klwong,

Using the HTTP interface, you should be able to get the last modified timestamp by performing an Http GET. Note that this can only be done on a per instance basis. In other words you cannot get a cursor (say of 5 instances) and then iterate over them for the timestamp. You must request the timestamp at instance retrieval.

Within the Tamino API for Java there is a method call which will return the last modified timestamp but I cannot remember what it is called.

I hope that I have interpreted your question correctly.

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Actually, I have the following problem:

I have now a very large XML document and want to import the document into Tamino Database. I want to see the time used for importing the data.

Similarity, I also want to see the time used for exporting the data in Tamino Database back to a file

Finally, I also want to check the storage used for this XML document in the database.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Tamino Data Loader gives times for both load and unload functionality.