Chart Control: Why isn't the property "Chart style" bindable?


can anybody explain me the reason why the property “Chart style” of the chart control is not bindable as an EL expression but can only be set to “bar” or “pie”? How can I bind it to an EL expression without manually editing the .view file?

The same question is for the property “Row/Column Series”.

Thank you experts!

I’d say it was a mistake in Designer. The underlying API supports an expression for that property value, so it is only the Designer UI that is not allowing you to type or pick an expression.

If you require a fix, then your best course of action would be to open an SR so it can be formally tracked. Could you please help by filing an SI (Support Incident) with GS (Global Support)? Please include all the necessary information so that GS may record and also review for any other issues that match. If GS needs to create an iTrac, then whichever R&D engineer handles this case will be expecting a clear description of the issue, logs and any other details in order to efficiently be able to help. Providing this info in the beginning will make the process go faster.

As of now, I’ve just created two instances of the chart control, one is set to “series in rows” and the other to “series in columns”. I bound the “rendered” property to a condition based on the value of the bean property that would otherwise directly control the “Row/Column Series” property of the chart.

I’ll consider to open a support request about this.

The capabilities of the inbuilt chart control are quite limited compared to other libs I’ve seen on the internet. Is it possible to include third party charting libs into views created with CAF? I’m still on wM 9.6.

I suppose it depends on the specific 3rd party library.

If you are referring to some javascript based charting library then you may consider using the “Include HTML” control to embed arbitrary html into the page.

With more recent versions of MWS, you would have the ability to use OpenCAF which would probably be easier to use.