Chanigng an XML tag in wM

Hi experts,

I am not an expert Developer, and this question is for one of our old systems on 6.5 (I know I know, we should upgrade. It’s happening this year :p:)

I have an XML document (that I can convert to a node or document if needs be), where I need to change the content of a specific tag. Is there an easy way other than a dumb “search and modify”? :confused:

For instance, let’s say the following tag:
How would I get it to become:
Mike Australia

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Do the usual xml string to node, node to document steps. Use an explicit doc type to make sure the doc matches dimensions for all fields (lists are lists even if only one entry present).

Modify the field in question using concat service or whatever mods need doing.

Then do doc to xml string and pass the string to whatever system needs it.