Changing the user under which Audit logging of services is done

Hi All,

When a certain service is logged for auditing, it is being logged under the user ‘Administrator’. We want to remove the direct usage of the Administrator account. Can anyone let me know how to change this user or where this setting is present?

We are currently using IS 7.1.3

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

Hi Ninad,

The service logging will list it under administrator only if it is executed by Administrator account. If you set ACL for the service with different user, it will be logged under the same user.
Hope this makes sense.


Hi Niteesh,

Yes, that makes sense. Most of our services are having ACL as ‘Inherited’, so our clients are not passing any user. Looks like in this case, the logged user is ‘Administrator’. Also, the services executed by BPM are logged under Administrator.

Is there any way to change this user?

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil