Changing Schema in JDBC Adapter Services

I am trying to change the schema in a JDBC Adapter service automatically.

I have used the service to accomplish this. My problem is using this, I am able to change the schema but it reverts back if the package is reloaded or IS is restarted.

How can I make the change permanent. What am I missing. Also, is there any other way to automate the schema change? DEV, QA and PROD have different schema and I am trying to prevent manual change and thus restricting developer access in Prod.

Hi ,
u can try with service
This service needs the name of the node and new schema name as input.

This is great. I thought I had looked around for a pub service maybe I didn’t. This works like a charm. Also, used pub.jdbcAdapter:updateNotificationSchema for Polling Notifications.

Thanks siti!!