Changing IS & MWS ports from default

Purpose: This section explains on how to change ports of Integration Server & MywebMethods server after installation. After installation both IS and MWS will be pointing to your default ports 5555 & 8080 respectively.

Integration Server

  • After installation just start the Integration server
  • Navigate to IS Console http://:5555
  • Move on to Ports under Security
  • Click Add Port. Choose the protocol as HTTP
  • Add you new port (for eg., 6151)
  • New port 6151 will be displayed in port list
  • Click on Edit link under Access mode column
  • In Accessmode usage - Click on link ‘Set Access Mode’ to Allow by default
  • Save your changes
  • Click on link Change Primary Port
  • Select primary port as HTTP@6151
  • Restart your Integration server

Now you can login to your Integration Server with http://:6151

My webMethods Server

Inorder to change default port of MWS from 8080 we need to edit the following file configurations.

Please stop the Portal server if running.
Please note that take a backup of the following files before editing up
Make sure no Portal instances are running

FileName FilePath

server.xml <WM_HOME>/Portal/server/default/
cluster.xml <WM_HOME>/Portal/server/default/config
wsrpProducers.xml <WM_HOME>/Portal/server/default/config

Edit server.xml

  • Find the tag <WEBSERVER_PORT type=‘int’>
  • Edit the data of the tag from 8080 to (for e.g., 6155)
  • Find the tag <HTTP_PORT type=‘int’
  • Edit the data of the tag from 8080 to (for e.g., 6155)
  • Save the file

Edit cluster.xml

  • Find the following tag section

  • Edit the above port to (for e.g., 6155)
  • Find the tag frontEndUrl=“http://:8080
  • Edit the above port to (for e.g., 6155)
  • Save the file

Edit wsrpProducers.xml

Now we are done. Restart the portal server. Check portal server starts without any major errors.

Now you should be able to login to MWS with this url http://:

Suggestions are welcome

Karpaga V


That was one useful post Karpaga. Just adding some…

Before choosing a port, check whether the post is used already. It can be done by using “netstat -a | grep <port_Number>” .

Also for changing IS port, we can also try this simple step :

Change “watt.server.port” in server.cnf at "…/IntegrationServer/Config" directory. This requires a server restart.

I have read somewhere that this will work fine. :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t change watt.server.port in the server.cnf, this file should not be touched if you do not know exactly what you do.
Ports of the server are also stored in WmRoot package. To change ports use either the Ports section of IS or the paramter -port with the startup script if you need to use another port for a stopped server.
This is all described in the ISAdminGuide! Please take a look there.