changing default password for centrasite


I have 9.8 CentraSite installed and want to change the password for Administrator user for both Centrasite Control and Business UI

Please let me know how can I change the password.

Ilias S

Did you refer “Changing Passwords of Predefined Users and Login Users” from the 9-8_CentraSite_Administrators_Guide

Hi Mahesh,

I have tried to changed password using interuserrepo.bat file and password got changed for one of the internal user.

Able to access Centrasite Control UI with the new password, but for Business UI is accessible with old and new passwords of the user.

Please let me know what can be done for this.

FYI, its 9.8 version of centrasite.

Ilias S


I see that you are working on Centrasite 9.8. I am able to logon to centrasite Business UI. But i have no idea how to logon to the Control UI. This is the first time I am using centrasite.

Is the control UI also the same port as the Business UI?? can u give me some pointers how I can find the URL for the centrasite control UI?


Hi Basheer Unnisa

PFB for the urls

Business UI

Centrasite Control

Ilias S

Thank you for the quick response!! I am able to access the Centrasite Control UI now. :smiley:
I couldnt find this information anywhere in the documentation.