Changes to existing process models

My issue is that , I need to modify (make few changes to) the Process models which are already present in our Test server. These changes need to be done in my local system and need to be migrated to test and further.

I got the process models build through the test deployer (By defining the build Type:ProcessModel).

I installed the build In my local and able to view the process models as enabled in my local MWS.

Now I want to view these process models through the webmethods designer and modify them.

Can you please let me know, How can I view them.

Note: I don’t have first migrated process models(.process) files in my local. Even I don’t find .process files in the build I have taken.

Iam not sure which option I need to select in the designer,Could any one please help me out.



Please refer last comment of [PROCESSFILE column of WMPROCESSDEFINITION table] :


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Thanks a Ton Rankesh …It worked :slight_smile: