Change the system user pwd via service

We have few external users configured as system users (in MWS). Rather than forcing them to use the passwords created by MWS Admin, we are looking for options to give them the flexibility of changing passwords (by exposing a service)

Any suggestions for creating such service? would really appreciate.

thank you

Hi Naidu,

I presume there is no such facility available with in IS. However, Users may change their password in MWS using My Profile option.


The Common Directory Service APIs are available in IS that may be invoked from a java service to modify the password of a MWS user from the system directory service. If your users are in LDAP/AD/Database or some other external source then the password is readonly in MWS and changing the passwords would require custom code that knows how to communicate with the backend user store to modify a password.

On the other hand, MWS system users can change their own password within MWS using their own profile UI.

Thank you Eric for pointing to CDS APIs. But I couldn’t find any method to change the password of system user.

Searched in the packages - and In the IDirectoryUser interface we have only getters

The IDirectorySession#modifyPrincipal API should be able to change the “password” attribute of a system user.

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