change the default database

hello, l have 2 databases in tamino. One is installed by default when i installed tamino. another i created. every time when i started my system, the one which installed by default is started. is there a way that whenever the system starts my database is getting started. regards sreeju

Under the Tamino Manager (Administration of Tamino) select: Tamino → Databases → yourdb → Properties → Server one of the properties listed last is “autostart” that by default is “off”.

Thank you mark, I got it now. now in one system i installed tamino 4.4 along with tamino 4.2 and when i logged in to tamino 4.4 manager i found tha databases created with tamino 4.2 . i got confused . how … please clarify me

It is possible to have multiple different versions of Tamino on the same machine. When you create a database your are asked which version you wish to use to create the database. There is a SetVersion command to move from one Tamino version to the next version. You may only move forwards not backwards. It is strongly recommended that you take a backup of the current version before using SetVersion in case of an unexpected failure.