Change the Collection Value

X-Application Version: 4.1.1
Tamino Version :
Platform : Win2k
WebContainer : Tomcat 4.1.1,
JDK Version : 1.4.1


Within the file xapplication.conf a variable “xappCollection” is set for the Collection-value.
How can i change it dynamically?

Within the tag “select” of the taglibrary, there is an attribute collection.
I want to set this attribute with java like
<select collection="<%=stringBean%>", but nothing happens. The tag ignores the Java-value.

<jsp:useBean id=“stringBean” class=“java.lang.String”/>
<% stringBean= “TestCollection”; %>

Then i tried a second possibility.

<xapp:setvar name=“test” scope=“session” value="<%=stringBean%>" default=""/>

<xapp:getvar name=“test”/>

But “test” ist empty. What can i do?



Assignments for attributes <% … %> are runtime expressions that are not supported by the JSP standard 1.1. The standard 1.1 is used for the JSP tag library (-> tld file). However, you can switch to JSP standard 1.2. You have to change the tld file of X-Application and to enable runtime expressions for the attributes of the tags.

See also the topic

If you don’t want to switch the standard, you can use the variables mechanism of X-Application, as you described it in your post. However, set the variable in the following way to avoid the problem with non-supported runtime expressions for attributes

<xapp:setvar name="test" scope="session" defaukt=""/><%= useStringBean %></xapp:setvar>

Now, the evaluation of the variable should be the content of the bean output.


Hi Christian!

Thank you, i switched to jsp 1.2 and it works.