Change Target URL of a consumer webservice


I have created a consumer webservice by importing a WSDL. Earlier the webservice URL had a host name of say HOSTABC
Now I want to change the Endpoint URL to HOSTXYZ.

Where can I do this change so that I can test the WS with the new host name?


I am not sure if I have put the question right since i havnt received any response yet :slight_smile:

Lets say the WSDL has the endpoint URL / target URL /SOAP address as http://HOSTABC:8080/MyService

Now I have imported this WSDL and successfully tested it.
After this, I need to now test the same service hosted in another server HOSTXYZ. So where can I change the end point to http://HOSTXYZ:8080/MyService

For Changing Endpoint of a WebService you need create a webservice alias on IS Admin Console.
Once Alias is created you need to select that Alias on WebService Consumer in Binder Tab.
As a result your connection information will be now controlled by WebService Alias instead of the address present in wsdl.
When your Server/ User credentials are changed just update them in Admin console.


thanks… that helps!

You can also change the endpoint URL by passing in the parameter _url into your webservice call through the flow code.