Change of application owner in webMethods API Gateway

Hello Community
I have a quick question to ask.

I know that in webMethods API gateway (v 10.11) you have an option to change owner of an application (eg. application created for OAuth authentication). This is known/clear to me however I have never tried it before and I am not sure if changing owner at any stage will break anything or not?

I mean can I assume that changing application owner will be transparent/seamless for all associated APIs and current OAuth authentication mechanism for those APIs will not be affected?

I would really appreciate if anyone in community can comment/guide me on this one.

Can folks in community who may already have tried change of application ownership (in API gateway) please share their experience? Did they face any issue after application ownership change or was this change seamless to associated APIs?


Hi Ahmed,
By changing the owner at API Gateway application will not make any impact to the API execution. it should work seamless.
FYI… I created the API which uses the OAuth 2.0 as authentication mechanism. Even though i changed the user at application level and it works with no errors.

Vikash Sharma

Thanks @Vikash_Sharma1 for your help & feedback. I appreciate.

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