Change in Mapping Behavior in IS 9.10 Core Fix 6/7


We’ve noticed that our installation of IS 9.10 Core Fix 6 has brought a change in behavior in document list mapping:

When mapping fields from one document list (A) to another (B), we were, sometimes, losing data.

Specifically, fields that weren’t present in the first document of document list A, didn’t appear in the second document list B,
even if they were present in following documents of A.

Before, all fields were present in the documents in B, with null values assigned to fields not present in the original documents in A.

Because of the problems that this change may cause, including unnoticed data loss, I give you here a word of warning.
Apparently this issue is being addressed and it will be corrected in Core Fix 8.
I don’t know if there is a place in empower where we can look at known issues regarding Fixes, but I sure would like to have known this before installing it in our servers.


Hi Goncalo,

there is page in Empower under “Knowledge Center” → “Recent Articles”, where there is an overview of recently published fixes.
You can download the readmes from there.

Additionally there is section “Knowledge Center” → “Product Fixes” → “Fix Explore (Single Fixes)”, where you can browse the tree of current Fixes sorted by Products. Readmes are also available from here.



Thanks for your reply.
I am aware of those resources: I have downloaded and installed the Fixes, and have read the readme files when doing so.

What I was referring to is that the readme files, for example, are not updated to reflect issues that were discovered after the release of the fixes.

In this case, Core Fix 7 (the latest to date) has this in the Cautions and Warnings section:

[i] 7.0 Cautions and Warnings