Certs and their locations on Filesystem under IS !

Hi there experts,

We are running 7.1.1 and trying to do a SSL/FTP.
Seems like my certs are bad ( imtermediate)…but this issue has been lingering for quite some time.

I know this is a simple thing , but i am pretty confused about the location of the certs.
I would like to know what goes under config/certs and what goes under config/certs/cacerts.

Where do you place the certs which your IS needs to present to the other box?

where do you place the certs that your IS needs to compare against the ones provided to your IS when another box is trying to connect during an SSL/FTP session.???

Any help would be monumentally appreciated.
ScoobydoOoOo ~

Or do you think the public key is bad?
I have mapped a user to the public key and a file is being transferred from an SSL-FTP Port by an external client who has the private key.