Certificates during Upgrade and Trace to Here in wm 9.6

Does the enterpise certificate/certificate url change once we upgrade to 9.6.
Also do we have trace to here fucationality as in developer


Enterprise URL doesn’t change but of-course, you have to check the functionality once you upgrade to make sure road is normal.


Since Designer is eclipse based,We need to use the eclipse based debugging techniques like breakpoints etc.

Just go into debug mode and set up a breakpoint by double clicking at the extreme left of the code line you want to trace to and use the F8 shortcut key.It will trace to the break point and stop
You can recognize a break point by the red dot

You can proceed to the next step by pressing F6 shortcut or a subsequent breakpoint with F8

Tip:I arranged my Eclipse layout to mimic the Developer.This really reduced my anguish while trying to work with Designer.especially while debugging which is a pain if we havent broken past the developer-designer learning curve.