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Could you provide functionality and purpose of Certificates configuring in TN Partner profile and IS Admin(config file system). What is the difference in doing so.


IS certificates are used to make our IS secure whereas Partner Certificates need to be configured in TN if that particular partner is using secured protocol to connect.


IS certificates (used for https --SSL handshake)
TN certificates (https direct connect with Partner via AS2 or SFTP or primaryHTTPS delivery)


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I am completely new to these setups and I tried to search the forums and documentation but couldn’t found how to setup as2,https etc.

Can you please direct me to any links so that I can actually learn the difference between https, http, sftp and as2 communication setups?

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Like what are the certs needed from the TP and what certs we send to the TP. Where do we place them etc etc. Kindly let me know if you have any information.

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You need to send CA certs chain to them and request them the same for https:

You need to place your certs TN enterprise profile and theirs in the partner profile and if you have DMZ (RI) configured then places your all certs in IS https port:


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I have recently configured the client SSL certificates in IS for AS2 connection.
one of my seniors told me to create a new user with the same ID as Partner AS2 id and assign it to TN Partners group.

I have imported the Partner SSL certificates in IS using that userid.
It worked for me but i have no idea why we need to create a separate user in IS and configure the certicate with it only ?


That is how the TN functionality with certs works tied with TP as IS user where you can notice in the Activity Log (Default or user that sends)


I am newly using webmethods 6.1.Can any body suggest me that how i start my learning.

You are hacking this thread:

Anyways online documentation available start with it:


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     Can you plese help me to procede in  proper way for getting knowledge in webMethods.


http://documenation.softwareag.com look for webMethods link and online tutorials.

Take SoftwareAG webMethods training US/Global tranining centers:

Browse the material/threads/all sections in this wMUsers forum:


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Thank you for your reply.

Here is my scenario. we already have an existing https connection with one of our trading partner. So, To make it an AS2. If we send our CA certs chain to them and also request their CA certs and install them.

Will it make AS2 over https?

Please let me know your thoughts.


Hi David,

Exchanging certs will not make an HTTPS connection AS2. AS2 is a standard for exchanging EDI and other data via HTTP(S). There is a defined structure for the header message, requirements for type of acknowledgment (MDN), etc. For more info, http://www.drummondgroup.com/html-v2/standards.html, may be helpful.