Certificate installation and configuration for Inbound HTTPS

We have a requirement to provide certificate based authentication for incoming HTTPS calls for a particular client and we need to authenticate clients’ incoming call by verifying certificate with the incoming calls.
Also this needs to be done only for a particular client and not for all.

Our infrastructure has been setup to receive incoming calls via load balancer which is having SSL certificates configured on it to provide HTTPS URL.All calls from load balancer are routed to RI servers via a HTTP port and connectivity between internal and RI servers happen via SOC protocol.

We need to undertsand how and where certificates provided by client can be configured to authenticate incoming calls.



The external HTTPS port should be configured to ask for but not require client certs. The certificates should be mapped on the internal server.

You can also set up a separate port for client cert auth.

– Tim

Hi Tim
Thanks for you response.
Issue is our load balancer provides https functionality via SSL certificates installed on it.This load balancer has been provided a public IP and is exposed via that to external world.This load balancer routes incoming calls to our RI servers via HTTP port on RI servers and RI servers are connected to internal servers via SOCK protocol.

We are using version 6.5 SP3 and do not have any https port setup on RI server or on internal server.Please advise how to proceed.