Hi Forum,

I am very new to the technology of BAM and CEP.Could any one guide me on how can i learn this technology well.I am have no idea on how it works?So please help me out in giving me guidance on this part??


BAM - uses data that are stored in optimize tables and displays in Analytics page. Using which you can slice and dice the data by creating KPI’s.

CEP - at run time, through events the data get’s reflected.

Hi Senthil,

Thans for the reply…May i know how can i learn this technology well…i mean i am working on it…but like i am very new…so how can i update my knowledge and clear my concepts…

Documentation is the only source…

For BAM, refer 8-2-SP1_Optimize_Users_Guide.pdf and 8-2-SP1_Configuring_BAM.pdf… I don’t have much idea on CEP as of now… Users who has knowledge on that can help you from this forum…