CentraSite removing security policies from WSDL


I’m having an issue with CentraSite.
Here is the version of CentraSite I’m using:
Full Version:
Repository Version:


  1. Creation of the Service on CentraSite;
  2. Attach the WSDL to the service (Note: The WSDL contains Security policies)
  3. After successfully attached the WSDL to the service, I check the WSDL and the WSDL remains intact.
  4. Virtualize the service;
  5. After virtualize the service, I check the WSDL and it seems that with the virtualization, CentraSite removed all policies inside the WSDL as their binding references.

I want to know if there is a “Design/Change Time Policies” that must be enable/disable in order to not delete/change the WSDL attached or if there is any other work around as we need the Security policies to invoke the service.

I noticed that there is a policy that may be related with this. “WSDL Regeneration” policy, which is enabled.