CentraSite Custom Attribute Issue

Hi All
I am using CentraSite Active SOA version 9.5 and have added a custom attribute in type Schema as “Required”.
At the time of adding it gave an error message as I did not provide a default value so I selected a default value from my list of values. But strangely every time I add a new schema via import functionality on Browse Assets Tab or from Designer it is always assigning default value to the new attribute and is not prompting to supply the value while importing it in CentraSite.

Also all existing schemas were updated with default value in newly added attribute in CentraSite whereas documentation states they would be updated only when they are saved next time to avoid performance issues. Please note this new attribute has been added of type classification which is referring to a newly created Taxonomy.

Does anyone know if this is the default behaviour or there is any issue with this functionality ?