CentraSite CE - Management of Taxonomies.


I am working on CentraSite CE. I was trying to create a new Taxonomy as a Organizations administrator but realized that only a user with CentraSite Admin rile can define new Taxonomies or edit the profiles of existing Asset Types. While reading the CE documentation, I came across a few set of responsibilities “Manage Taxonomies”, “Manage Asset Types” can be used to provide users access to manage taxonomies. These are not visible in the add privileges view, even from the CentraSite Administrators login. Is this how the CE is supposed to work or am I missing something? Just need some clarification on this.

I am able to see privileges such as “Manage Runtime Polices”, “Manage Lifecycles” which can not be used in the Community Edition as it does not provide life cycle management and run-time governance.



Hi Vaibhav,
yes, what you encounter are the limitations of the Community Edition, please have a look at http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/web/guest/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/Community%20Edition%20FAQs for details of the supported and not supported features.