CentraSite CE and UDDI

I installed CentraSite Community Edition and then the CentraSite Starters Kit. Then I like to see the services in the UDDI of CentraSite, but I can not see them. I saw only the four UDDI services.

What must I do to see all the webservices of the CentraSite starters kit in UDDI?

(I attached a picture of the eclipse uddi browser)

Did you try UDDIv2 or V3 on your UDDI client?

I believe the Software AG Designer (eclipse) used UDDI v2.
When I give the group ‘everyone’ view permissions at a service, I can see the service in UDDI.
But I want to have some services in UDDI that only assigned to some user of groups. Is that possible?

Hi Bastiaan,
if you switch to the Service Perspective, provided by IS plug-in, you can open an UDDI registry browser as well. When you specify specific credentials, you only see services available to this person, e.g. created by that person. The four UDDI services are by defualt visible to everyone.