CentraSite ActiveSOA login rejected problem

My centrasite ActiveSOA is installed on Windows Server 2008 6.0
Control Full version is
And can login as Administrator/manage.
when I created a new user by the script " ssxtxtpassword -f …/…/…/conf/users.txt Mervin" successfully ,its password is “manage”.
but login rejectd with “Mervin/manage” ,the error prompt is "Connect handler con.centrasite.control.login failed to establish connection .Reason:Login rejected ,user “INTERNAL\Mervin” not registered " .
Anybody can kindly tell me how to register? or how to resolve this prolem?
Thanks very much!

I has resolved this issue,Thanks!
After created the user from the command line , still need to create the user in the ActiveSOA and associated it with External user .
then can login and avoid the issue successfully.