CentraSite Active SOA - Evaluation Copy


I am looking at comparing CentraSite Active SOA and CentraSite CE capabilities for one of my customers. Is there a way I can get hold of the evaluation version of the CentraSite Active SOA for the same?

Please redirect me appropriately in case this forum is not correct for such kind of inquiries.



Hi Vaibhav,

if the information available on our web site or the official documentation, you need to contact a local sales representative from Software AG. Our products are normally sold through them and they can arrange for a trial license.

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Some of the capabilities are:

Metadata Registry and Repository — Helps to get asset information in an instant.
Publish assets
Rich and expandable descriptions
More than 25 ready-to-use asset types
Lifecycle models and Active Lifecycles — Build the right services the right way
Active Policies — Increase consistency and control
Smart policy provisioning
Development-time policies
Run-time policies and Custom policies
Change notifications
Anonymous access
Consumer registration
Browse and search
Relationship Tracking — Keep track of interdependencies
Federation Engine — Sync up your metadata