Centrasite Active SOA Clustering

Hi All,

We have installed Centrasite Active SOA with embedded database and mediator with embedded database setup in dev environment.

Is it possible centrasite in cluster environment?if yes please provide some information.

In our prod environment thinking to install centrasite active SOA with SQL Database and Mediator with SQL Database set up.

Can anyone please provide me HA(high availabilty) and DR(Disaster recovery) server sample architecture environment model diagrams.

Actual prod servers in other location and DR( Disaster recovery) servers in another location and connected within a WAN.


please contact me at daniel.adelhardt(at)softwareag.com so that we can exchange some info over e-mail.


WmMediator is a just a package on IS …so ideally you dont need an explicit DB for Mediator instead it would IS Db - right?

are we taking about a single instance of mediator or a clustered one?
Mediator per se doesn’t need one, but can make use of IS audit db for logging.
For clustering you need one for IS clustering