CEL (Esper) End-of-Support

Software AG will terminate support for using CEL (Esper) in Cumulocity on 31 Dec 2020 following its deprecation in 2018.

Cumulocity now uses Apama to provide streaming analytics. As a result, existing customers using CEL must migrate to Apama.

Apama brings many capabilities including:

  • Web-based code editing – a web-based editor for Apama EPL code with a library of samples, syntax highlighting and error reporting
  • Analytics Builder – a drag and drop, web-based model building environment for domain experts rather than developers
  • Advanced desktop tooling for developers – tools such as inline debugging, data replay, code coverage analysis and memory & CPU profiling
  • Improved performance and predictable tenant scalability – Apama’s native performance and per-tenant streaming analytics ensures that demanding tenants do not negatively impact the performance of streaming analytics on other tenants

Software AG is committed to working closely with customers to provide guidance and to help make this migration as straightforward as possible.

For further information please refer to the migration topic in the Cumulocity guides or contact your Software AG representative.

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