Esper to Apama EPL translation tool

It is with pleasure that the Apama RnD team share with you a new tool to assist Cumulocity IoT solution developers in the migration of Esper CEL to Apama EPL .

The new “Esper-to-Apama EPL translation tool” is publicly available on GitHub, and can be used by both Software AG employees as well as customers and partners (Apache2).

Note that it is not a supported commercial offering, but an open public tool to assist solution developers.

The aim is speeding up and removing some of the tedious aspects of migration projects to reduce the costs of development effort for everyone.

Where do I find it?

Project: GitHub - SoftwareAG/apama-streaming-analytics-esper2apama: Esper-to-Apama EPL translation tool

Download: Releases · SoftwareAG/apama-streaming-analytics-esper2apama · GitHub

ChangeLog: apama-streaming-analytics-esper2apama/ at main · SoftwareAG/apama-streaming-analytics-esper2apama · GitHub

Public issues can be raised on GitHub, and questions on StackOverflow (links in the README).