CC templates: Specify different parameter value for different nodes


I try to understand how to use CC templates by reading the CompositeTemplateDevelopmentGuide.pdf. And have a question.

Assume I’d like to configure two nodes, each having an Integration Server instance. Each instance should have an UM connection named ‘IS_UM_CONNECTION’ but having a different value of the attribute ‘URL’. E.g. on the first node it should point to ‘nsp://server1:9000’ and on the second node it should point to ‘nsp://server2:9000’.

How would I do that?

The only way I see now would be as follows:

  1. Create two layers, ‘Layer-Node1’ and ‘Layer-Node2’, each having one template (‘IS-Node1’ and ‘IS-Node2’ respectively).
  2. Each template would have ‘integrationServer’ as a product and would set up the component ‘COMMON-WMMESSAGING-IS_UM_CONNECTION’ but with different values in the attribute ‘URL’.
  3. Provision node1 with Layer-Node1 and node2 with Layer-Node2.

I.e. it would be a full duplication. Is there a smarter approach to achieve what I want?

Any hints would be much appreciated!

Have you looked at default BPMS template found under installdir/profiles/CCE/data/templates/composite/bpms ?
It shows how to configure UM and IS clusters and make IS point to UM.


Hello Sergei,

I’ve looked at the template you mentioned. IIUC, it sets up only one IS instance whereas I’d like to construct a template which – in a single application – sets up two IS instances.

I think, what I wrote in the original message is the only way to do this. Another way would be to have a template which sets up just one node and apply it twice.